Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Final Assignment for the Day...

DDonna said we had to blog before we go I'm blogging.

Tech committee meetings are great. Wonderful. Superb. Why? We learn lots. We network. We schmooze. We network some more. We exchange ideas. How can one adequately describe what one learns when the fruits of the meeting only have their genesis here. I guess these meetings never really end. They are a professional and personal development day that keeps on giving and growing.

Thanks Donna. Thanks Living Sky School Division. I come out of these meetings wanting to go back to teach and keep on learning with my tekkie colleagues. Does being an educator get much better?

My brain is full.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Does not teaching a computer class mean I have nothing to say?

Yikes! I haven't posted anything since September 3. I'm not teaching any "computer classes" this semester, but I am using computers with my teaching of classes. For example:

I'm teaching Arted 9 and 10 this semester. I've asked my students to create a Google Docs account so they can create and post some assignments. So far, I've asked them to create a presentation of 10 digital greyscale photos as part of a unit on Value. In my next unit, on colour, I am having them create a short research presentation on De Stijl Art (for primary colours). After they do research (art history) I'll have them create a project based on it.

My Grade 5/6 Classes: I remember back in the day spending long periods of time on handwriting skills. Now I spend time on keyboarding skills. As I am lefthanded, I find keyboarding a lot less stressful than handwriting. I start with All the Right Type, but soon have students keyboarding language arts assignments. Social Studies: We are still Epaling: we are still writing to Waterloo, Illinois and Lagos, Nigeria. As well, I've started experimenting with Google Earth (just baby steps mind you!) Next on the agenda is using an online "game" to practice latitude and longitude. I also want my grade 5/6 students to get Google accounts. We have a class blog, but haven't been updating too much.

Me: I'm still record keeping with Google Spreadsheets. So far it's going!!! I also faithfully read my Google Reader every day.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see the tekkie types at the tech meeting next Thursday!