Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love having a laptop on my desk...or how Google Docs are changing the way I organize myself at school

Thank you Living Sky School Division for giving me a laptop for my desk. Thank you also for the wireless internet that goes with it. I am finding that I am finding new ways to use it productively while I am at my desk. For example, I've been experimenting the first days or weeks of school with the Spreadsheets on Google Docs to not only create class lists, but also to record marks, lockers, locker combinations etc. etc. I know I can use Open Admin; however it takes time for all the info to be inputted into the system. So far, I've created a spreadsheet for each grade I teach, and have been adding pages as I need them. I can keep them open all day with out them logging off. I can also access them on any computer on any network. I can also add student names when I need to. I'm a little nervous going "paperless"...

So far, after 4 days, it seems to be working. Any tips from anyone using it for the same thing?